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Kids sensory rooms

Kids sensory rooms

This type is one of the most popular type of Sensory rooms. Children is our life. Kids sensory room is another type which is divided into categories: a Sensory room for children without any problems and rooms for children with disabilities and special needs. In second case, it is vital to be very careful while buying the equipment for Kids Sensory rooms. You must consider every small detail which can provoke unexpected effect in «special» child. You should consult a specialist before you choose equipment. Let’s discuss the design of a standard Sensory room for special needs children or with/without slight deviation (features of health abilities).

You must consider these aspects while preparing such rooms:


·         Floor covering. The recommended covering is foam pads and tatami. Firstly - it is easy to clean, secondly - big variety of colours. It is comfortable for children to be in the room with warm and soft floor covering.


·         Is is better to divide the room into two part: playing - developing and relaxing zone.  The first part must be at the entrance, the second -  separated from the playing zone with equipment, which will visually separate a playing and a relaxing area.


·         Tactile panels, wall and floor frameless constructors, dry pools with balls, themed frameless poufs and modules, soft furniture for children, sets for themed games are perfect for playing zones.


Developing equipment, made of bright and safe materials, designed in details,  can give bright emotions, raise interest for studying, encourage wide development. It is possible that your child opens creative skills or loves studying.


·        A child need to relax after active games. And here we go to relaxing zone. Switch on relaxing video or music, use aromatherapy,  put your child on the air ned and focus his attention to the ceiling  «Star sky», water hotspot from projectors, cover with a cozy blanket and tell a fairy tale quietly.   Finally it is necessary to say that Sensory rooms have just started receiving popularity, while in Europe and the USA they started development 25 years ago. There is something behind that. Benefits of Sensory rooms have been proved and we should highlight the main prescriptions for Sensory rooms:




·    Panic attacks,


·    Personality disorder and bipolar disorders,


·    Psychosomatic diseases, unsociability,


·    Depression, deep stress,


·    Aggressiveness,


·    ADHD,


·    Personality and CNS disorders,


·    Enuresis and Encopresis,


·    Autism,


·    Weakening of sight and hearing  perception,


·    Twitch, speech development delay,


·    Stuttering




Medical condition against Sensory rooms are diagnosis which treatment involve psychiatric drugs under doctors supervision.