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Rooms for relaxation

Rooms for relaxation

One type of Sensory rooms is Relaxation room. There is no place for active and funny games. Colours of the room don’t annoy, they are relaxing. There is soft, dimmed light, calm and pacifying music. Video therapy with filmth for relaxation. So, what should the room have and what should the room avoid:  


·         A crucial element of such room for relaxation is its decoration with air armchairs and sofas. Frameless beanbag-chairs, comfortable cozy-corners with marquees where you can hide from the outer world and stay alone sitting on soft cushions under a cozy blanket.


·         Weighted blankets and plaids are perfect to break muscle tension. Such goods «land» the body and you feel complete relaxation of strained muscle. To feel no gravity you should buy suspended armchairs or hammocks.


·      Musical therapy with birds singing, waterfalls sounds and rain sounds is a perfect relaxant. Film watching and relaxation videos together can intensify the result of relaxation and set for peaceful and calm dream.   


·         Light projectors and projections which imitate water surface and waves, star sky, north light create special environment and mood in relaxation rooms. 


·         Bubble columns, colonnades and Sensory corners «Mirror trick», where fishes go smoothly up and down on spinning bubbles, have a unique meaning in a Sensory room. Such corners have won recognition all over the world!


·         Light wall mounted panels of different relaxing themes create special atmosphere in a room. The ceiling which imitates The star sky will impress with its reality. You can endlessly count stars!


·         Soft covering is an important point in room decoration. When you step on a nice surface you feel comfort and home warmth. Neat tables and shelves are also important while decorating a Sensory room. It is very pleasant when everything is on its place and the room is tidy, cozy and warm!



·         It is better to avoid frame furniture, bright and loud colours of decor elements, equipment and  tools which activate and stimulate central nervous system.

·        It is better not to decorate Relaxation rooms with learning and playing elements. The task is to relax, soothe and release tension. And for learning and developing equipment there is a special place in Kid Sensory rooms.