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Sound Light Set «Hopscotch»

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Sound Light Set «Hopscotch»

This didactic light sound set consists of a wall light module and a soft mat. There are 8 squares on the wall module which correspond 8 squares on the floor.

The main idea of the set is to exercise your eye and listening memories.


Regime № 1: Each button corresponds the colour of the wall panel and its musical note (8 musical notes from the bottom «do» to the top note «do»;

Regime № 2: Each button creates a tune with light effect and corresponds one of «the musical notes» (8 musical notes means eight tunes);

Regime № 3: You need to repeat one of eight already played tunes. You can use help (is in the set) or from memory but remember the order of lights appeared.

Regime № 4: All cells light up simultaneously;

Regime № 5: All lights light up succeeded by fadening;

Regime № 6: Chaotic lighting up of cells on the wall panel.

WOW Regime № 7: Enjoy tunes taken from the library and chaotic lighting of the cells on the wall light panel.


Dimension 115*50*10 cm (wall module); 100*50*16 cm (floor module):


Manufacturer: Ltd «Misen» (Russia); t.m. The Fantastic World Snoezelen

Purpose: Sensory, Logopedia, Sight, Hearing, Autism, ICP, Apathy, SCI

Ask our managers, please  
Ask our managers, please  
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