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The general director of musical label «Black Star» Pavel Kupriyanov

We liked everything!
All provided products made us happy! Each element is useful for the baby and are chosen carefully. There were no useless things. The baby isn’t old enough for all things, but we are going to use all of them.
Thank you for our great order and huge influence on development of our child!

SFI SR MR «Stupin social-rehabilitation center for juvenile children «Albatros»

A team of the department focused on rehabilitation of juvenile children with health limitations thanks you for a huge joy. Children liked the equipment very much.
Tanks and wish you all the best!!!

Project - И LTD (Artemyeva J.B.)

Everything is perfect! Fast and qualitative!!!
We could surpass the USA, if all people worked the same way!  
We hope for further successful cooperation!

A deputy of the village council of Karaul House of Representatives, a member of United Russia Party, Zakharov Victor Andreevich, the principal of TRSFI "Family support and children help center named after G.V. Chicherin"

Our institution TRSFI “Family support and children help center named after G.V. Chicherin” of Inzhavino region of Tambov district requested Misutina Natalia Anatolievna to support with a choice of a sensory room equipment. The equipment is already delivered.
We would like to thank the director and the team for their kind and sweet attitude, for understanding and ability to listen and hear, for timing and responsibility for the order.
It was very nice to work with your team, we will contact only you and we will recommend your team to other colleagues.
Thank you for collaboration!

MBEI SGES №5 city Vasmi

MBEI SGES №5 city Vasmi says a huge thanks to the workers of «Misen» LTD for the sensory room which is designed for children with health limitations. With your help our school managed to enter a state program «Available environment». Our teachers are able now to have lessons which are focused on the development of tactile sense, types of perception and outer world learning. The rehabilitation and relaxation have become effective for children with health limitations.
All equipment is safe and functional.  Everything is done on a high level, made of modern and natural materials. Our children are happy to learn, play and relax. They get really positive emotions. They like to dream and imagine something when they watch the star sky. Release tiredness and psychological tension, they are open and are not afraid to be themselves. Secondary school children like bubble column and Fiber optic. Sand therapy gives unforgettable feelings and emotions,  it develops creative skills.
I'd like to thank the company for fast delivery and assembling. The workers showed both their hight professional skills and nice personality, they were sympathetic, devoted and responsible.

DSD CCSSP combined type kindergarden kindergarten № 46

Thanks! We got your equipment. The happiness is over the roof. I thank heartily all your team - Slavkina Alyona and Martinova Natalie. The level of quality is very high, prices are reasonable, presents are nice and unexpected.
Best regards, Svetlana Borisovna

IPO «The right for life»

In 2015 we bought equipment for one of social rehabilitation centers for disabled children in Moscow region. Children and the staff are pleased! And we are satisfied with managers work and their fast work.  Thank you! We age going to contact you soon again! The chief of  IPO «The right for life» Nikitin  Alexander

MES boarding school of IV type of Lubertci district

Thanks letter from children and staff!
Thank you so much «Misen» Ltd! Thanks to well-coordinated work now we have a sensory room in our boarding school. There you can relax and play different developing «things». Children are happy and pleased. The teachers are satisfied as well. It is very important that the equipment meets the standards and technical issues.

«Rektor» Ltd the Chief Commercial Officer Alesya Nepochatih

A wonderful company! The quality is perfect, big variety of goods, proficient workers, support during work, fast delivery. Thanks!

MBEI city Shaht «Lyceum №6» Rostov district

Thank you «MISEN» for the high quality of you goods! The photos on the website are real to life.
Within the shortest time the delivery was done from Moscow to Rostov region. A great thanks is to Martynova Natalija for support to choose the goods, document execution, understanding and fast reaction!

«SnabBelZdrav» Ltd, The Republic of Belarus, city Brest

The company «SnabBelZdrav» appreciates  «Misen» Ltd for equipment delivery for a sensory room. Wonderful, functional and proper equipment, Quality Certificate, polite staff, rapidly prepared project, all these factors say about high professional competence and fixed working environment. We wish you good luck and hope for further collaboration.
Best regards, «SnabBelZdrav» Ltd

MFEI SGES № 7 city Slobodskoi Kirov district

MFEI SGES № 7 city Slobodskoi Kirov district thanks «Misen» Ltd for collaboration to get wonderful equipment for a relaxation room for our children. There are no rooms like this one in other schools of our city. We are unique. We dream it could bring benefits to our work. We would like to thank workers of the company for patience, honesty, proficient attitude to work, respect. Thank you very much!

SRSO «Children-Angels»

We’d love to thank «Misen» Ltd for a unique sensory room. Thank you, our children have got fairy area where they can develop and relax. We are convinced that with the help of this equipment, children will make a huge step forward and lessons in the Sensory room will have a great impact on their health. Children and their families show deepest gratitude. Thank you for your kind heart!

Development center «Lastochka» city Moscow

Hello colleagues! We got the equipment. No problems! Thank you for the quality and a wonderful Sensory room. All children and staff are completely amazed! We hope to work with you again! You really have European quality. People don’t do anything like that in Russia. Even labels are marked and certificated. Good Job!  
Oksana Borodina, the psychologist of the center of development «Lastochka»

Center «Krotic» LTD

We thank the team of «Misen» Ltd for fast and proficient equipment. It is comfortable to work with you. Also we’d like to admit nice small presents from your company. THANK YOU! GOOD LUCK AND LONG LIFE!
And good customers, of course!

SGES № 7 Belgorod Region

We’d like to thank managers who dispatched the equipment! Everything was on time. We managed to have a magic room before Christmas. The equipment is above and beyond. Especially we’d like to highlight the quality of products, fibre doesn’t mess and doesn’t break, the furniture is great. Everything is creative. It is obvious that managers think out of the box, they are wise and creative! Thank you! We wish you and your company success and prosperity in the coming year. Best wishes, the staff and children of SGES № 7!

Social-rehabilitation center «Youth» Tula region

The authority and psychologists of the center thank the executive director Misutins Natalija and all staff of «Misen»Ltd for provided equipment for sensory rooms. We appreciate your sincere concerns about children who are over a barrel.We wish all of you strong health, unfailing energy, success and development. We hope for further collaboration.  


We want to thank you for the delivered products. Everything is wonderful and perfect. We have recommended, we are recommending and we will recommend you as a safe, fast and honest manufacturer and supplier of good quality sensory rooms!

Charity Fund «Absolut-Help»

The equipment is really excellent! we, as customers, are completely satisfied with the quality of final product, materials, product safety and hight service!

Charity Fund «Step Together»

We appreciate the work of «Misen» LTD for delivered equipment for the Sensory room. The equipment is portable and easy to assemble. It is pleasure to work in the sensory room which is equipped with  products of  t.m. The Fantastic World Snoezelen. Products are unique and well designed, made of good material.

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