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SFEI Ishimbay special needs school № 7 VIII type

The equipment is functional, made of solid and decent components. Modern equipment for reasonable price. We are satisfied!    

SFEI kindergarten № 2572

We would love to thank the executive director Misutina Natalia Anatolievna and the staff for a sensory room which is now in our kindergarten. The delivery was March 2013. We like the equipment, no complains.

SFI «CSSFC «Harmony » Balahinskiy region»

Thanks for equipment. The delivery was a bit longer than expected but everything was done. We’d like to highlight the service and friendly managers. The equipment works very well, it is nice and beautiful.

SFI РR « Social rehabilitation center of disabled people»

The equipment for the Sensory room made by «Misen» Ltd is functional and modern, made of proper materials, beautiful and creative. The service is above all praise!

SFHEI Pavlov Sanatorium Children’s home

The equipment of Sensory room works and functions regularly. No complains. Children are absolutely amazed. The authorities of the boarding school thanks the team of «Misen» Ltd and the chief executive officer Misutina Natalia Anatolievna!

SEI ECDC kindergarten 2662 city Moscow

Psychologists and the team of the kindergarten № 2662 express appreciation for equipment. High quality equipment is made sophisticated and beautifully.

SISSP TD SRC Efremov district

The equipment works well, easy to operate and high quality. There are nice and kind people in  «Misen» Ltd.  

SEI school №574

The equipment was delivered a year ago. The equipment is good, our psychologists work in the Sensory room with great pleasure. We’d like to note the quality of delivery and the work of a manager Martynova Natalia. Thank you!

SFISSKD «Krasnodar CCSS «Bereg»:

The team and clients of SFI SS KR «Krasnodar CCSS «Bereg» would like to express our appreciation you job. The Sensory room in our center is very popular among clients, especially women. Women are more perceptive and emotional, their sensitive world is diverse and rich and it helps to enjoy the beauty of the sensory room. The best time for psychological and emotional decompression is afternoon. This is the time when old ladies come to relaxation sessions.

SFSISS MR «Krasno-Dubravskiy mini orphan house«Guravushka»

We thank «Misen» Ltd for the sensory room. All products match the theme, made beautifully, aesthetically and professionally. We liked everything and we are going to contact many other times. The main: the delivery was on time, fast and clear!

Charity Fund «Dima’s dream»

Charity Fund «Dima’s dream» congratulated West-Ageev specialized (special need school) orphan house with its anniversary. Thanks to «Misen»Lts which is the fund’s benefactor and partner, the sensory room was opened. In the room there are playing and relaxing zones. Here children can both relax and improve health. Colour, sound and tactile senses «bloom» in the room, it helps in development of children with special needs. Such rooms have showed the effectiveness in senses development and CNS improvements. Thank you «Misen» Ltd for wonderful presents, involvement, responsible and clever attitude to a sensory room projects. Everything was at a high level.

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